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National monument 


Avant-garde homes and offices

From a former diamond-cutting factory to a sophisticated multi-functional building. The Asscher Building from 1907 was designed by Gerrit van Arkel. This iconic landmark has been transformed into an extraordinary residential and commercial spaces by Villanova architects. The commanding building is unique, incorporating a mix of modern and traditional materials and shapes: steel, brick in contrasting yellow with chiseled hardstone corner stones and accents. But it is also an industrial building, with a special concrete structure that was unprecedented at the time and long, tall factory halls. Here, the diamond cutters were seated at their cutting tables with their backs to the enormous windows which flooded the space in natural light.  

The diamond cutting factory was an enclosed complex with a single entrance and a single exit, surrounded by a gate. After its transformation, it is now a multi-functional building with an open character. With office spaces on the ground floor, adjacent to the public front square, which will be transformed into an urban garden.

The monumental main entrance accesses a space for a restaurant with a terrace on the new square.  For the residences, there are two individual entrance lobbies on the other side of the building, situated on Dora Tamanaplein. This is also where the elevators are located. The elevator will open 

Parking spaces have been reserved in the garage directly next door to Diamantfabriek. One or two parking spaces are offered for sale with each apartment. The entrance to the garage is on Tolstraat, adjacent to Diamantfabriek. The pedestrian exit from the garage is on Dora Tamanaplein, which is also where both of the entrance lobbies of the residences are.

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Commercial space

The elevated street-level and basement level of Diamantfabriek encompass approximately 760 sqm of commercial space and approximately 420 sqm designated for use as a high-end restaurant or bistro which also includes an authentic porter's lodge of approximately 25 sqm. The industrial office lofts and restaurant space will be conveyed in shell condition. The office lofts, similar to the residential lofts, feature ceilings spanning over 4-meters tall and the option to create a terrace.




Avant-garde homes and offices 

Diamantfabriek is at the heart of De Pijp borough, around the corner from Amstel river. One of Amsterdam's liveliest and sought-after districts. With contemporary shops, wonderful restaurants, inviting coffee bars and lush Sarphatipark, but also nearby Carré theater.


A new neighborhood has formed around Diamantfabriek: Asscher Quarter: a new hotspot where past and present meet. With fabulous historic buildings and a creative bustle, thanks to the new theater, the library and Hotel Pestana with restaurant Arc. by Lute.

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Shopping Streets

De Pijp

Van Woustraat

Albert Cuyp markt


The Butcher - Riva    

Sla  - De Ysbreeker

Le Hollandais  -  Rijser  Auberge Amsterdam

Mairs Piper   ... more


Gustav Gym 

Ro Cycle studio 

 Vondel Gym - Swim Gym    Bikram Yoga - Roei- en Zeilvereniging De Amstel

MUsic - Theater 

Club Dauphine - Volkshotel 

 Theater Carre 

Theater CC Amstel 

Railto Art house film 

1906 - 2019


Art Nouveau

This building was once the place where the world's largest diamond was once cut. Made possible by a previously developed technique which had become popular among the international elite. The lucrative trade and prospering business were characteristic of this extraordinary time, La belle époque, in Diamantfabriek. 

The building was erected in the industrial Art Nouveau style, an art movement that was popular throughout Europe between 1890 and 1914. Art Nouveau was the expression of the new, of youth, of progress. Characterized by an optimistic world view and confidence in the future, and a penchant for the use of innovative and modern techniques in a range of fields, including architecture and paintings.